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CLIMATE COMMUNICATORS — a strategic climate communications platform.

Climate Communicators is a platform and blog offering communication tools, resources and consulting services to those leading the fight against climate change.


FYBY — a global conference For Youth By Youth.

For my class Youth in a Globalizing World at Columbia University, I created a mock conference organized by youth, of youth, and for youth. I designed the booklet below, which includes panels, featured speakers, activities, sponsors, and more.


+FARM — DIY vertical farm by Agritecture

I co-created the website for the launch of our +Farm, which offers instructions on building the farm, growing crops, and general information on vertical farming.


THINK VERTICALLY — urban agriculture consulting firm based in Singapore.

In my class Challenges of Sustainable Development at Columbia University, I had to come up with a solution-based design in response response to the haze air pollution crisis in Singapore. Below is the ‘fake’ website of THINK VERTICALLY, a vertical farming firm looking to respond to the crisis through urban agriculture.

Building mock-ups at the end created on Rhino 6.